"Ragbee, a single device-software combination that provides a revolutionary solution to the hassles of using smartphones and IOT devices.
Gesture-based interfaces are the future of smartphone interaction.Say goodbye to fingerprints and buttons, and hello to seamless and intuitive control with our non-contact gesture interface.
Now interact with your device in a whole new way – no touching required!
Our non-contact gesture interface is the future of Smartphone interaction.Experience seamless and intuitive control with this revolutionary technology today!

  • Unleash the Power of Non-Contact Gestures.
  • Command-Control your Smartphones and IOT devices
  • Our Groundbreaking App/Device Combo!
Ekalipi Technologies creates Proof of Concept products (both hardware and software). We license our intellectual property to our partners (e.g., device makers, software developers and service providers). Partners can leverage our technology to provide world class solutions to their customers. Don’t have the expertise and resources to incorporate the Ragbee capabilities in your apps. Contact us, we can assist! We collaborate with our partners not compete with them.
We’re not done yet and life only gets better. The second app in our suite, Ragbee, leverages the capability of our own inexpensive augmented reality (AR) device called Ragbee (short for Remote Gesture-Based Interface). What’s in it for you! Ragbee allows you to answer a call by just moving your head up and down (akin to nodding your head) or reject a call by just shaking your head from left to right (akin to shaking your head). When you are done talking to the other party, you can end the call with the same intuitive HeadShake. Unlike other expensive and intrusive AR devices, the Ragbee device is tiny and inconspicuous. Instead of being prominently visible on your face, the device can be attached to any accessory of your choice (glasses, headband, wristband, even an anklet.). With Ragbee, you can be notified about your callers' details discreetly, and even talk to them absolutely handsfree!
So cool, right? Ragbee is one solution that will make you wonder, how you ever did without.
Necessity is the mother of invention and we promise you, this device has really changed our lives. We are so used to our smartphones and when using them in old fashioned ways, we don’t realise the problems that come with it. Whether for your parents in an old age home (who find cell phones difficult to use), or for a working professional, or just someone looking to make their lives more convenient, Ragbee has a solution with game changing results.

Increased efficiency: Perform tasks faster and more easily without having to touch your device.
Improved user experience: Our interface provides a more natural and intuitive way to interact with your device.
Enhanced creativity: Unleash your creativity with gesture controls that let you interact with your device in new and unique ways.
Increased safety: No more looking at your phone while driving or walking. Keep your hands free and focus on the task at hand.

Advances the HMI paradigm: A sorely needed advance of Human Machine Interface paradigm.
Non-contact interaction: Command-Control device with simple hand gestures.
Totally hygienic: No more smudges, dirt, or germs on your screen.
Intuitive control: Effortlessly navigate your smartphone, play games, adjust volume, form afar and often without looking.
Enhanced accessibility: Design interface makes it accessible to users with disabilities, delivering an inclusive user experience.

Compatibility: Our interface works with a wide range of devices and operating systems.
Sensors: Our technology utilizes advanced sensors to detect and interpret gestures.
Customization: Choose from a variety of gesture commands to personalize your interface experience.

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